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Lifelong Learning Registry

Track your Lifelong Learning hours and report them to your district and regional leaders.


About the Lifelong Learning Registry

The Lifelong Learning Registry provides Nazarene ministers the opportunity to record and report their efforts to develop and maintain a pattern of lifelong learning to enhance the ministry to which God has called them. The Registry allows ministers 24-hour access to their own lifelong learning record. District Boards of Ministry and district, regional and general leaders also have access for the purpose of reviewing the lifelong learning activity of Nazarene ministers in accordance with provisions of the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene. Every Nazarene minister is encouraged to engage in a variety of lifelong learning activities that further growth in character, provide insight into the context of ministry, increase competency, and deepen biblical, theological, and historical understanding. Such activities may be selected at the discretion of the minister and recorded in the Registry upon completion.